Sense8 Season 2

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There is officially a second season of Sense8 . The rumors about a second set of Netflix Original Series went around for some time , but now the news is officially confirmed by Netflix, a movie of the protagonists .

Sense8 season 2

Sense8 is the most original Netflix Original Serie. The authors chose eight different storylines that simultaneously also have a lot to do with each other . The serie is very succesvol, because on IMDb, Sense8 scored an excellent 8.4. One thing was clear after the first season. Still , not all questions have been answered , yet not all story lines are drawn . There is enough space for a second season.

We don’t have a exact date, but we know its coming back. 

Watch the video below, this is what the sensates are saying about the second season of Sense8.

Happy Birthday Sense8.

Sense8 season 2 release date.

Trailer Sense8.

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Watch the trailer season 1 Sense8, Netflix’s New Thriller from Matrix Creators The Wachowskis.

What the heck is Sense8?

Creators Sense8

-J. Michael Straczynski  (Babylon 5 creator Joseph Michael Straczynski will executive produce and co-write the series)
-Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski  (creators of The Matrix trilogy)

Cast you should know.

-Daryl Hannah (kill Bill)
-Naveen Andrews (lost)
-Freema Agyeman (doctor who)

naveen andrews sense8
Naveen Andrews

Daryl Hannah sense8
Daryl Hannah

Freema Agyeman sense8
Freema Agyeman